Sunday, February 08, 2009


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Thursday, November 27, 2008

When bored went a little too far

There was a picture in a magazine and I showed it to the hairdresser... this was not it.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow

I get bored with my hair.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Our Kids

Email we sent to various family and friends:

"How's it going? We hope all is well your way. We're good here. It's starting to feel like fall! We woke up this morning and Mitch finally had to kick the heat on (for about five minutes--oil prices are steep--or else the husband is cheap--that was a rhythm by Mitch, by the way). :)

Well, anyway, there's another reason we're writing besides the cost of heating a home and the beauty of autumn.

We've had a burden on our hearts these past few months. Even though we've only been here a short time, we've come to realize that family and friends really are an awfully long way away. It can get pretty lonely around here. Yet we know we can't move back right now; we really feel God wants us in this place, for some time, anyway. (Who knows, maybe next month, we'll be back around. Anyone have a spare room? Ha ha, just kidding.)

So....we've decided to take a big step. (Are you sitting down?) To get to the point, we have decided to adopt a boy and a girl.(!) After talking with a local agency, we visited Dixie and Neil (Cornelius) at their home this week. It went really well. They are so sweet! But it's a tough situation for them as well; their dad left and their mom has been raising them alone. We feel blessed to be able to help and to enlarge our own family by welcoming Dixie and Neil.

We realize this will be a big responsibility, and a financial commitment as well. Mitch still plans on finishing his education, but we feel (after much prayer) that this is the right time. Please don't feel that we are asking for any help, we just wanted to share our big news with you! They are going to be such a special addition to the family, and we hope you all can meet them soon. We'll call later with more details. For now, we would appreciate it if you would keep the situation in your prayers. Hey, does anyone know: should we feed them Iams or Purina?"

Pictures of our kids (the black one is Dixie; the other, Chloe):

Originally Dixie Rose and Clovis Cornelius, we changed Clovis/Neil's name to Chloe Cordelia (in honor of Anne of Green Gables). He's a girl!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Weekend Off

It's so quiet.

Last weekend, we had a group from Friday to Monday. Not much of a holiday, but we made sure our guests enjoyed theirs. ;) We had a large group (for us) and while it was rumored to be a crazy weekend, it really wasn't bad.

(Kristina's tale of the frizzy-hair girl reminds me of a Winnekeag story one of our old-timers told us. Seems there was this group who had appliances going in their tent--cookers or something?--by way of a plug connected to a bathhouse outlet. The ranger at the time unplugged the cord, but when he went back awhile later he found it plugged in again. This time he threw it out the bathhouse door. Still, the next time he came around, the cord had been plugged in again. This time he got smart. Before continuing his rounds, he took off the plug on the end of the cord, leaving wires dangling, and threw it out the bathhouse door. "This should do it," he thought, sauntering away. His final time by the bathhouse, however, he found that the camper--who was way more persistent/crazy than I'll ever be--had taken the bare wires and wired them into the outlet! Now, if this had been anything like the parable of the persistent widow, the ranger would have left things alone. "Ha ha!" he might have chuckled to himself. "Let these women [how does he know it was women?] have their power, they're so determined!" But no. Instead, the ranger took the outlet out of the wall!)

Anyway, this weekend is a nice change. We have a group staying in the lodge who is doing their own cooking, so our only duties this weekend are checking in on them every now and then and hanging around in case of emergency. They were going to take a jaunt around camp this afternoon, but it's been gray and rainy all day. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little nicer.

Mitch and I took a couple kayaks out on Thursday after work. First time I've been on the lake! Beautiful.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


This week has been light; cleaning on Tuesday and then working at home. One of the cafe workers will stay with us this weekend, so it’s been extra motivation to get the guest room neater.

We talked with family some today. Sometimes we forget that we live on the east coast and can’t jump in the car and drive home.

Side note: Isn’t it funny how many homes you can have? There’s the home you grew up in, and the home where you went to school, and (after you get married) the home of your new family and (of course) your own home. And it can get quite confusing in conversation.

Anyway, family are doing well, overall.

We have office furniture! Black. I nearly got a hernia helping Mitch lug it into the office. Maybe I’m exaggerating a little. Not much. But it is pretty and finally we will have all our paper junk organized, hopefully by Christmas. (Some sarcasm used here.)

And this girl cut my hair this afternoon.

Tomorrow, mini family camp begins!

Monday, August 25, 2008


I haven't reached the 1000th post, not by a long shot. But I suppose it doesn't really matter. Today I read through old blogs and it was good. Remembering where God has been in the past, reflecting on friendships and growth experiences--it is always a good thing when it encourages you in the present.

Today I also created a new space for Mitch and I, where he can post if he wants to... That would be something new, too. :) No matter if he does or not, though, I wanted to make something for "us" and here's the result:

Take a moment to reflect: where God has led you?